To Christians on Their Idolatrous Support of Trump

On the current events of the terrorist attack on the US Capitol…

Since *some* Christians like to use God, the Bible, and “Christiany” language to justify their positions, let’s go full Christiany.

12 years ago, one of your own brothers in Christ, a man who professed and clearly articulated his faith in Jesus, became president. Yet because he had the wrong name, the wrong color, and belonged to the wrong political party, you slandered him. He had moral interpretations of Scripture and subsequent policies that may have differed from your own, yet you accused him of being the antichrist. A member of your own spiritual family, whom Christ redeemed with His own blood, you maligned and called the antichrist.

4 years ago, a man whose life is riddled with immorality and remains unrepentant, became president. Yet because he spoke to your fears and desires, he matched the moral policies that were convenient to you, and he was from the right political party, you embraced him as God’s chosen. He bears no fruit of the spirit and the waters that spew from his mouth are bitter, an indication of what resides in the wellspring of his soul, yet you crown him as champion of your faith. He is arrogant, of whom God opposes; he is filled with lies, of whom Satan is the father of; and has committed the inexcusable blasphemy of identifying himself as the second coming of the Messiah. Yet you excused his every sin, shared with him your pulpit, and granted him spiritual authority over your flocks. You have led the sheep in your care astray and sent them to the slaughter, all for the promise of power in Rome.

Over the past 2 months and today, your golden calf has been melting away, yet you continue to throw your jewelry and treasures at it in hopes to maintain your idol. While Jesus rebuked Peter for taking up arms, you indignantly defend it as a God-given right and use it today to create terror and chaos. While God has called us to war against spiritual powers on behalf of souls, you physically war against earthly powers on behalf of your expelled earthly king. You discard the name and reputation of Christ to protect the name and reputation of your false god.

How did the splinter in the eye of Christ’s body grow into a timber and infect the other parts?

God declared himself as your only king. Yet while you half-heartedly whispered songs of God being ruler of all, you vehemently shouted for an earthly king to represent you.

When Jesus said his kingdom was not of this earth, you sought to establish your own through political empires.

Though Jesus sought to overthrow religious establishments that wielded moral oppression over people, you frantically built them up again by aligning with political powers that could create a moral system suitable to your needs.

You were enticed by whispers of power and comfort, and willingly gave yourselves to an adulterous affair with a political party, inviting their desires and idols into the holy sanctuary of God.

You accuse the world of being Sodom and Gomorrah, unaware that Sodom and Gomorrah are already inhabitants of your heart.

You flippantly declare those in power as either part of God’s plan or part of Satan’s scheme, not based on the contents of their heart but on your contents of your ballot. God’s sovereign purpose is nothing more than a cheap picket sign to you.

As the fragile and hollow house of your self-righteous morality began to crumble, you ran towards a man and a tribe who promised to hold it in place.

While Jesus walks towards the poor, the oppressed, the foreigner, and the cross, you indignantly march towards Rome in lust of an earthly throne.

Even as your house sinks into the sand, you abandon all truth and compassion to continue holding up a man who stands upon your necks in self-preservation and self-infatuation, commanding you to hold him even higher as you all hold onto the same sinking house.

If you see this message as a rebuke on your vote, you’ve missed the point. I don’t care how you voted, for Scripture has little guidance or even attention to voting. This is about your continued public, shameless idolatry, regardless of who it is. And Scripture has a lot to say on that.

While the voice of God is continues to speak through empires and ages, you have forfeited your voice and your role in His movement.

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