The Journey We Would Never Sign Up For


I am now en route to the next half of my summer – Intrinsic and Kenya. So far, this summer has been nothing like I expected. As mentioned in my previous posts, it’s been a roller coaster of emotional and spiritual struggles.

Just prior to leaving the Dominican Republic, I was able to at least start the resolution and restoration process – externally with a relationship, and internally with my soul. I came out of this first half pretty beat up and bruised (metaphorically and literally – I have sea urchin spines stuck in the bottom of my foot). But hopefully, my heart will come out stronger than before.

Would I have signed up for this had I known everything that was going happen? Not a chance. Would I do it all over again? Absolutely. That’s the thing with the journeys we take. If we were knew everything that would happen, we would never take it. But we’re given just enough to stir our curiosity. Because the Guide knows that this is the exact and unique path we were created to walk.

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