Organic Community is Intentional

Organic Community is Intentional

If you want to make acquaintances, live life as you normally would. But if you want to make meaningful friendships, you have to be intentional.

I’m a fairly shy person. In a crowded setting, I stand by myself wanting to talk to people, but not knowing how. In small groups or one-on-ones, I get awkward about long silences but don’t know what to say.

It’s not easy for me to make friendships. But I know I need them. I need to invest in people and I need people investing in me.

3 Relationships You Need to Be Healthy

We all have relationships of different kinds – friends, family, coworkers, etc. Some of them may be very close, like a spouse, significant other, or best friend from school. Others may be more distant, ones you never see but randomly comment on Facebook once in a while. The people you hang around most probable developed organically – you gravitated towards mutual interest and personalities. Yet of all those relationships, there are 3 that are absolutely essential.

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