Am I Responsible for Racism?

In recent years, America’s timeline has woven back and forth between shootings and protests. Closeup, it just looks like a series of unfortunate events… until you take a step back and you see they’re all connected in a fabric of willful ignorance and denial, cloaking the enduring danger and evil of systemic racism and white supremacy. Are we responsible for racism, and what’s our role in all of it?

Is It Disrepectful to Kneel During the National Anthem?

Is It Disrespectful to Kneel During the National Anthem?

In another one of the seemingly never-ending issues that divide our country, we’re fighting over whether people should stand or kneel during a song before we watch them throw balls around.

If it sounds like I’m making this sound like a petty thing, that’s because it is. In light of multiple natural disasters, horrific genocide, and the looming threat of nuclear war, this is one of the dumbest things to be angry about.

But for some reason we are, so let’s dive into this.

We're All Responsible for Racism

We’re All Responsible for Racism

Racism is this ugly part of humanity that we like to pretend doesn’t exist, and try to dissociate ourselves from. But recent events in our nation reveal that it’s more prevalent than we thought, and we hold more responsibility than we like to admit.

On Saturday, August 12, white supremacist groups including the KKK and neo-Nazis gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia for a “Unite the Right” rally. They clashed with counter-protestors who had also gathered, and ended in a white nationalist driving a car into a crowd of people, killing one and injuring 19.

Brexit: Don’t Mistake Racism for Freedom & Independence

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and turned the world upside down. Some praise it as courageous move where the UK chose to take back their sovereignty. Most see it as a disastrous move that will weaken the EU, but hurt the UK much more (as it already has).

Here’s my take on it: Brexit is plain fear and racism masking itself as sovereignty and independence.

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