More Than Money

A few days ago I was suckered into one of those money-making seminars. I had been emailing with this lady who said she had a few positions open for some projects she was working on (I had replied to a computer/marketing job post). So she invited me to a meeting/interview, which sounded like a regular business meeting for a company. When I arrived, it was a room full of 30 people ready to hear a guy talk for an hour about making money. I sat through it out of politeness.

Greatness in the Mundane of Everyday: Faithful in the Little Things

Everyone wants to save the world one day…but no one wants to do good everyday. At least that’s the case with me. It’s been a running theme in my life recently. I realized that I’ve always had these dreams of doing something great with my life, to make some kind of significant impact on the world. And that’s good to have – we should all aspire to greatness. But the problem was that I was waiting for that to happen.

First Day of School

Over this past week before school started, I took my spare time walking around Wellington to get a feel for the city, as you can see in the videos posted. It’s also given me the freedom to reflect a lot. So beware, this will be a long one.

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