The Story of Strangers Helping Strangers, Because It’s the Right Thing to Do

At around 9pm, I stood in the international terminal of LAX with a group of people I hardly knew. Some I had just met that evening. But they were my people, my tribe.

In nervous anticipation, we scanned the crowds looking for the people we were waiting for. The only problem was we didn’t really know who we were looking for. We had never seen these people either.

Developing Integrity, Even If There Are No Rewards

The common explanation of integrity is doing the right thing when no one’s looking, or when your actions match your words. Generally, most people would say that integrity is a good value to strive for, and there’s a notion that you’ll be rewarded in the end because of it. But what if it never comes? Is integrity a pursuit worth embarking on, and is it true integrity if you’re hoping to be rewarded for it?

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