Best Personal Finance Apps to Manage Your Money Better

Best Personal Finance Apps to Manage Your Money Better

There are times when you wish you had managed your personal finances a little better.

Well, you can’t change your past money managing habits, but now’s a great time to start and put yourself in a better financial situation in the future.

And it’s never been easier with the technology we have. Here are some of the best apps and websites to manage your personal finances better. I personally use all of them.

More Than Money

A few days ago I was suckered into one of those money-making seminars. I had been emailing with this lady who said she had a few positions open for some projects she was working on (I had replied to a computer/marketing job post). So she invited me to a meeting/interview, which sounded like a regular business meeting for a company. When I arrived, it was a room full of 30 people ready to hear a guy talk for an hour about making money. I sat through it out of politeness.

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