Donate. It’s Good for the World and Good for Your Soul

Throughout the year, you may get a few requests from charities to donate. A few times during the year is ok. But then come the holidays. Especially that Giving Tuesday.

You get bombarded with emails and Facebook ads asking you to donate. And I get it – money is tight, especially during the holidays. Plus you already gave to that one disaster a while back, and whatever happened to that money?

But still, you should donate. It’s essential for the world, and it’s good for your soul.

Be a Refuge for Other People

Hospitality is inconvenient. From crisis of Syrian refugees fleeing to Europe, to the debate over illegal immigration in the U.S., letting people in isn’t always the easiest. With politics aside, being a refuge for people is important. It starts with each of us individually, where we are, with who we know. Whether it’s for a nation fleeing oppression, or it’s for an individual fleeing their demons, be a place of safety for others.

Pay It Forward

Gifts seem to always carry with them the obligation of reciprocity. If I do this for you, I expect something in return. Or if someone does something for me, I am indebted. What if we loved and gave without any expectation of return?

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