You Really Can Plan Your Future

It’s easy to believe that the future is completely out of your control. We may plan where we want to go or who we want to become, but there’s no way to absolutely ensure life will go according to plan. But life isn’t all about what you do or what happens to you, it’s mostly about the person you are in all those circumstances. Though events are unpredictable, you can intentionally plan who you will become.

Greatness in the Mundane of Everyday: Faithful in the Little Things

Everyone wants to save the world one day…but no one wants to do good everyday. At least that’s the case with me. It’s been a running theme in my life recently. I realized that I’ve always had these dreams of doing something great with my life, to make some kind of significant impact on the world. And that’s good to have – we should all aspire to greatness. But the problem was that I was waiting for that to happen.

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