The New Year is Meaningless

I know that January 1st isn’t magical, but it’s still effective in spurring people into action. Perhaps the secret to achieving goals, creating habits, catalyzing change, and improving oneself is in making the mundane magical.

Even though the new year is an arbitrary and meaningless date on the calendar, and even though the year 2020 is nothing more than coincidental numbers – you can still inject enough meaning into it to make it useful for creating the changes you want.

Always Be Changing, One Action at a Time

Telling someone to “stay the same” is the worst advice ever. We should always be changing… growing… improving. Yet change can be overwhelming. Whether it’s in your personal life or in your organization, the thought of change is such a monumental task that we never start. And if we do, we don’t finish, or we abandon too early. The most significant change doesn’t necessarily come from a massive overhaul, but often small tweaks.

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