Best Personal Finance Apps to Manage Your Money Better

Best Personal Finance Apps to Manage Your Money Better

There are times when you wish you had managed your personal finances a little better.

Well, you can’t change your past money managing habits, but now’s a great time to start and put yourself in a better financial situation in the future.

And it’s never been easier with the technology we have. Here are some of the best apps and websites to manage your personal finances better. I personally use all of them.

Make a Difference in Politics with the Countable App

As the political landscape gets more heated and divided, aren’t you tired of all the pointless Facebook arguments and the gridlock that happens in Washington DC?

We’ve all seen how ugly the internet can get. Our emotions get the best of us, and we berate and degrade each other, attack and accuse each, and type profanities and ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME.

We’re tired, frustrated, angry, discouraged, and disgusted. All the while, we’re not better people and no one has changed their mind. Rather than bring us all to become a better society, the internet has revealed the how ugly we can be.

What if we could turn all that negative late-night typing energy into a positive outlet for real impact?

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