What’s Occupying Unnecessary Space in Your Life?

Sometimes the minuscule becomes so overwhelming that it steals from the truly important.

We live in a condo community where everything is maintained and regulated by an HOA. Recently we got a series of notifications from the HOA nitpicking on little details of where we could park our car and where we could put my trash cans.

It felt like they had something against us and were singling us out. Their notices weren’t generic – they were specific to us breaking the rules. Immediately, I felt anger, bitterness and resentment.

Why Anger is the Most Viral Emotion on Social Media

Why Anger is the Most Viral Emotion on Social Media

Anger is money, plain and simple. It’s easy to spread and easy to capitalize on. The recent events in our world – from the circus of the US political race to the tragedy of terrorism to the fear of the unknown – are prime examples of profitable hate. It doesn’t matter if you agree with it or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. You get angry and want to share that anger, so you like, comment and share, and spread that feeling to others.

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