tacos in tijuana

A group of about 10 people crammed around a small table in a little taco shack on the corner of a bustling street in Tijuana at sunset. We’re all tired and hungry. The smell of fresh carne asada fills the air, as we devour the best tacos we’ve ever had in our entire lives. It’s a perfect moment.

I’ve been volunteering with a group called International Youth Initiative (IYI) for a few weeks now. We go to Tijuana two Sundays a month to support a local church youth ministry there. The plan is pretty simple. Play games with the youth, develop relationships, and be a support for the pastors. Despite my limited Spanish, I feel as if I’m part of something bigger and more important.

I love that I can leave every time telling the kids that I’ll see them again in 2 weeks. And they expect it. They know my name when I come back. Consistency is huge. And though I’m horrible at soccer and can’t really speak with them that much, I think just me being there matters. Somehow.

So back to the moment. A bunch of people who love God and love people, giving up their weekends to try to do something worthwhile, despite no immediate rewards, just sharing some tacos in Tijuana. It’s one of those few moments in life that you feel like you’re in the right place doing the right thing.

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