How to Stress Less – Life-Changing Personal Reflection Questions from an Introvert

How to Stress Less - Life-Changing Personal Reflection Questions from an Introvert

You go through your day and week with a lot of stress, feeling overwhelmed, and maybe have some mini meltdowns. This happens because you’re not taking the time to check in and assess you own thoughts and emotions. Setting aside time to ask yourself personal reflection questions will help you have a less stressful and more balanced week.

You have a busy schedule. As your calendar fills up, you’re probably thinking about how to do things more productively and how to move and squeeze agendas so everything fits.

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But it continues building up and occasionally you have a little outburst or meltdown, triggered by something small that shouldn’t have caused that kind of reaction.

You recompose, and get back at it until the pressure builds up the next time. Can you really go on week after week like this?

Learn to Process from an Introvert

I’m an introvert. The differences between introverts and extroverts aren’t black and white – it’s a spectrum. But I’m going to pull a few generalizations.

As an introvert, I rarely have a meltdown. I never have emotional outbursts. Of course I experience stress, but it often fades pretty quickly.

Why? Because one thing introverts do really well is internal processing.

Most extroverts tend to process their thoughts verbally. They need to talk things through in order to make sense of everything, even if what they’re saying sometimes doesn’t make sense. It’s a form of organizing information. So when an extrovert goes a long time without that opportunity, the world appears more stressful and chaotic, which results in built-up pressure that explodes sometimes.

Introverts, however, process thoughts internally. We’re constantly thinking. That’s probably why we enjoy being alone so much. It gives us the opportunity to process and make sense of life.

I’m constantly thinking wherever I am – driving, doing chores, eating, or in the shower. It’s like that saying goes: “Showering is 10% cleaning and 90% solving life’s problems.”

But for many people, simply thinking isn’t enough. In fact, to much thinking often leads to worrying and stress. So what’s the difference between stressing and processing?

I took some intentionality in examining what I actually think about when I’m processing my thoughts internally. It’s really helped me to go through the day with more balance and focus, and not be so upset at challenges I face.

Take time every day and every week to go through these personal reflection questions and you’ll be less stressed, more at peace, and overall become a better person.

Personal Reflection Questions for the Start of the Day or Start of the Week

It’s important to reflect in the morning so that you can focus you mind and be intentional with your day. These questions are great to ask yourself and think through when you wake up, as you shower, while you’re eating breakfast, on your commute, or taking some time aside to journal. For the start of the week, try going through these questions on a Sunday afternoon or evening.

1. What Can I Be Grateful For?

2. What is My Biggest Challenge?

3. What Am I Looking Forward To?

4. Who Do I Want to Be?

5. What Do I Want to Accomplish?

Personal Reflection Questions for Midday or Midweek

Though not as crucial, having check-in questions in the middle of everything can be good to help you take a break, evaluate and re-center yourself. During your lunch break is the perfect time for this.

1. What is Going According to My Expectations?

2. What Has Been Different Than My Expectations?

3. Is My Response Appropriate for the Situation?

4. Am I On Track to Reach My Goals?

5. How Do I Need to Re-Adjust My Course or Goals?

Personal Reflection Questions for the End of the Day or the End of the Week

Having reflection time at the end of the day is important for evaluating how you did and how to move forward. It helps you to resolve things in your mind and keeps them from being held in and bubbling over later. A great time to do this is at dinner, relax time in the evening, or right before going to bed. For the week, I like to lump these questions together with the starter questions on Sunday afternoon or evening.

1. What Did I Accomplish?

2. What Did I Fail In?

3. How Am I a Different Person?

4. What Am I Going to Do Differently?

5. What Am I Grateful For?

With busy lives, it’s really easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed. The key to having a more balance, peaceful, and satisfied lifestyle is to learn the ability to process things internally as you go throughout your day and week.

Copy these personal reflection questions down so you can have them with you. If you go through them on a consistent basis, you’ll find yourself less stressed and more balanced.

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