Pay It Forward

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I came across this awesome video. I love the concept of kindness being paid forward. A few years ago, I stopped giving Christmas gifts altogether. I hated drawing the line of which friends should get gifts and which friends shouldn’t, and the value of the gift they should receive. It also took me out of the awkward situation of getting a gift from someone, while not having intended to give them anything, and then rushing last minute to find something to reciprocate.

Isn’t it weird that we see gifts that way? Upon receiving one, we feel the obligation to give one in return. It’s not really a gift then. It’s an exchange. I think that’s how we see a lot of things in life as well. Everything is a favor, because there’s an expectation of return. If you do something nice for someone, you expect them to reciprocate. Kindness is no longer a gift of grace.

After watching this video, try something new. Do something nice for someone. Give to someone. Serve someone. Love someone. With no expectation of anything in return. If you’re a recipient of grace, accept the gift without the guilt of reciprocity. Turn that into a motivation to pay it forward.

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