Ocean Therapy

Sitting on water
The past few weeks in the Dominican Republic, especially the last few days, have been so weary for my soul. When you just feel so weak and defeated, it’s hard to move forward. In the words of an Anberlin song, “Revolution’s not easy, with a civil war on the inside.” And my heart definitely feels war-torn.

Yet today, I was able to make significant strides forward. Not from a deep conversation. Not from reading something. Not from some kind of enlightenment or epiphany. But simply from water.

I had the chance to get a little surfing in today. The waves weren’t that great, so I didn’t catch any good rides. I probably spent 95% of the time sitting, waiting, watching. But it was just what I needed.

As many water lovers can attest to, there’s just something about the water. Something mystical, therapeutic, and spiritual. There’s something about being in the midst of something so potentially powerful, yet experiencing a deep peace and calm. Rocking back and forth, feeling the currents roll under you. Hearing the calm, steady rumble of the breaking waves. Feeling the light warm rain on your skin. It’s as if the whole of nature around you was alive, holding you in the palm of its hand and whispering to you. And you realize that something personal is going on… someone is creating an experience for you and engaging with you.

It’s one of God’s many ways of restoring my soul. He not only created the ocean to be so majestic and beautiful. He also created me with the ability and desire to enjoy it. It didn’t resolve any of my problems. It just brought a much needed peace that surpassed all understanding.

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