My Frustration with Christians and Politics

For the Christians…

I’m frustrated. I’ve been frustrated for the last 4 years. I’ve been frustrated for over a decade.

It’s not so much about who you vote for or the results of an election.

I’m frustrated with the obsessive, idolatrous love and defense of some politicians, or the malicious, conspiratorial hate towards other politicians.

It’s not about the party or platforms you agree or disagree with.

I’m frustrated with the wholehearted subscription to a set of political ideologies without consideration of how some people are hurt by them, or if they are even biblical.

It’s not about how you believe your Christian values should guide your vote.

I’m frustrated when pastors and spiritual leaders say your faith demands you vote a certain way, and we’re ok with it.

It’s not about wanting laws to reflect your faith values.

I’m frustrated when you place your faith and responsibility in a law, while abandoning doing any of the tangible work yourselves.

It’s not about how your view of faith shapes your political views, or even vice versa.

I’m frustrated when your primary message and reputation are of how loudly you complain, how much you hate, and how ignorant you are of suffering.

I also get that I’m complaining about complaining. I’m frustrated with myself.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be pulled down by our political leaders, our spiritual leaders, and each other.

Let’s do something different.

Let’s empathize with people’s pain, regardless of whether we agree with them or not.

Let’s be centers of peace for people to take refuge in when the world around them is turbulent.

Let’s be voices of hope for people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, bitterness, and hatred.

Let’s stop blaming or praising government for policies, and do the actual work that our convictions should lead us to.

Let’s stop categorizing and demonizing people by their beliefs or backgrounds, and just seeing them all in one category: people whom God loves.

Let’s make our loudest message and most dominating action be overwhelming compassion.

Let’s be… like Christ.

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