Little Packets of Joy

Healing and restoration doesn’t always come in a single dramatic event. Sometimes it’s through little packets of joy that we often miss.

My first week in the Dominican Republic has been very emotionally and spiritually draining on me. As noted in my previous post, a lot of hidden issues within my heart have been surfaced here in the DR, and now I’m left with the slow, painful, but necessary process of dealing with them.

That’s not to say that there have been great moments as well. I’ve had really good conversations with friends that have been extremely refreshing and healthy. I’ve seen the amazing impact that IYI has on youth within their communities. However, what has been truly healing for my soul are the little, everyday moments that are so often unnoticed.

There are many little things that bring joy to my life, and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to experience them this past week. Learning from my new Dominican mother how to make platanos (plantains), and simply being able to learn more about her. Chopping up vegetables. Dancing to a Dominican rap at an outdoor street event (though I have no idea how to dance). Standing and spinning around in the rain. Eating a freshly cut slice of avocado, mango, or papaya.

Every once in a while, God sends down these little packets for me to enjoy. It’s so easy to miss them, waiting for something bigger to happen. Yet when I am able to recognize them, and enjoy those small moments to their fullest, life becomes unbelievably refreshing, revitalizing, and good.

Sometimes, healing comes in the form of platanos.

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