I’m leaving…now

Ok, so now I’m starting to freak out a little. I haven’t been over the past few days cause I’ve just been too busy getting everything together. But now in this last hour before I go to the airport, it’s starting to sink in that I’m actually leaving for a year.

It’s a weird feeling, I should be use to it by now after going on so many trips. I’m not so much scared of going there – I know it’ll be fun and exciting. But I’m really starting to miss being here. I’ve gotten so use to everything around me, and it’s safe and comfortable. I guess it would be much easier if I had at least one person I knew going with me. But I’m leaving EVERYTHING I know behind.

I guess it’s times like these that I really need to rely on Jesus. Not just know that his presence is generally around me. But to really know that he is with me, next to me. God, let me know that you are with me. You travel the journey with me, and you are already there, awaiting my arrival.

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