God Will Heal You… Sometimes?


If you’re a person of faith at any level, you’ve probably turned to God at some point in your life asking for help or healing. Maybe you have a deep conviction and connection to God. Perhaps you acknowledge he exists, but don’t consider yourself very religious or spiritual. Or maybe you believe there’s a general force at work, such as the universe or karma. Wherever you’re at, the hope is that he or it is powerful enough and benevolent enough to help you. But what if he doesn’t answer?

Have you ever been in a situation of desperation or tragedy? Maybe you or someone you know has gone through sickness, relational problems, financial hardship, or addiction. You’ve hoped that if you asked this God or the universe to help out, then perhaps there might be a miracle. But it never happened.

I had the opportunity to offer some insights on this topic at my spiritual community, Mosaic. I hold to a Christian faith, so this message comes from a perspective that there is a God who exists and loves us. If you hold that same worldview, maybe this will shed some light on why God seems silent or absent sometimes.

If you hold a different faith or no faith at all, maybe this will give you a window into my spiritual perspectives and why I hold to the beliefs that I do.

You can listen to the message here:



I’d love to hear your thoughts, answer any questions, and engage in meaningful conversation. Let me know in the comments below.

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