Gettin’ Settled In

My house

My house

Things are starting to look up. I’m slowly getting settled into life here in NZ. People are really friendly, and I’m still trying to get use to their accents. They say there’s “traffic,” not so much because of a lot of cars, but cause they have one lane roads, even in the city. They ain’t seen LA yet. It’s summer here, and it stays bright till 9pm. The weather is super moody, and will rain for a few minutes at random times during the day and go back to being sunny. It needs to just make up it’s mind.

I just moved into a house in Karori yesterday. It’s about a 20 min bus ride to school, or hour walk. It’s a small-town neighborhood, with very few shops that you have to walk far to get to. The place is a cozy little house shared with the owner and two others guys whom I never see. But there’s no wireless internet, and the ethernet connection goes in and out. It’s temporary for a few weeks until I can find someplace closer to campus, and with real internet.

I’m finally enrolled in school, and really excited to start my classes. I’m taking Approaches to International Relations; Global Civil Society; State and the Economy; and Armed Conflict & Human Security. All these are two semester classes, so they’re the only ones I take. Then my third semester is spent just doing my final research essay.

Last night was a real blessing for me. I was walking down the main road to get a feel for what’s around. I came across a little Baptist church and decided to go in since I was looking for someplace to attend. There was a guy and a couple teenagers. He was holding a music jam session just for fun. He invited me to join them, and I ended up playing drums for an hour. It was super relaxing and really fun, totally taking my mind off some stuff. Completely a gift from God right when I needed it. I’m gonna check out that church this Sunday.

So all in all, everything is beginning to pan out for me. Some things still remain unsettled. It still gets really lonely, since I live in an empty house and am far from school. Hopefully that will change when I start my classes and get connected with a church.

My camera broke, which is why I don’t have many pics up. I can’t find a repair place, so I might have to buy a new one. Either way, both options are expensive and I just don’t have the money right now. I am going through my expenses, and realize I am going to have to live on a really tight budget. I found out I’m allowed to work up to 20 hours though, so hopefully I can find a simple job to help with money.

Thank you again to all of you for the constant support and encouragement I’ve received. It’s been a rough start, but it has helped so much knowing that you guys are thinking of me and praying for me. I’ll put some more pics up as soon as I find out what to do about my camera. Peace out

My street

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