Expand Your Knowledge With These Online Video Courses

Expand Your Knowledge With These Online Video Courses

Looking to increase your expertise, learn a new skill, or refresh an existing one? It can be hard to find the time and the money to do so. But with the growth of online video courses, you can pretty much learn anything you want, from anywhere you want. These online learning sites provide great videos to teach you.

It’s pretty much like having a personal tutor in the room with you, and it’s at your own convenience. And the cost is significantly lower than taking any physical class.

Whether it’s for your personal benefit or to advance your professional career, the desire to learn and the discipline to pursue it is an invaluable trait. It’s what keeps you growing.

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YouTube is a great place to start. You can pretty much learn anything you want searching it. But it’s always hard to find the good videos, and they’re usually shot in poor quality.

Top Video Learning Sites

These sites provide solid teaching from skilled experts on quality videos. Check them out.



Lynda has thousands of courses focused technical skills like video, audio, and programming. They operate on a membership model, where a monthly price gives you unlimited access to all their courses. Lynda is known for their excellent quality of videos as each instructor and course is carefully selected and screened.




Skillshare has courses that center more on creative skills, such as music, fashion. culinary, and crafts. Some of the courses are free to take, but the majority of them require a paid membership, which gives you access to all the courses.




Udemy has tens of thousands of courses created by various individuals. Their courses span every topic imaginable, because anyone can become an instructor and create a course. Courses vary in quality, but participants are able to rate them so you see the most popular and best rated courses. They vary in pricing, from free to hundreds of dollars.




Coursera is like going to college… for free! All courses on this site are free. The courses cover all typical academic areas, from math to the sciences to the humanities. They also have a typical college structure, with each course consisting a couple hour lessons over the span of several weeks. And they’re created by top universities and taught by college professors from those university. So like I said, it’s just like college for free, but without the degree.


Is there something that you’ve been wanting to learn but keep putting off? Now’s your chance to jump on it. Share about it in the comments!

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