Easing Into My Sweet Spot

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For the first time in my life, I think I can honestly say that I absolutely love what I am doing. I love the opportunities, I love the challenges, I love the process, and I love the potential. In essence, it is a culmination of everything I have studied and experienced so far. And I think that I am finally easing into my sweet spot.

I believe the two main reasons why are that I am doing a little bit of everything, and that it’s not stagnant. I have the opportunity to work on creative designs, interact with people, learn about a community’s culture, coordinate logistics, manage business, get geeky with websites, train interns and employees, public speaking, delve into photography, plan marketing strategies, debate about national and global issues, and my favorite of all – dreaming big and inspiring and mobilizing people towards that dream.

And of course, I like being a boss. Not that I don’t like working with or under someone, or that I am a control freak or power hungry, but I like having direction. I like leading through inspiration rather than control. I like having information on everything, and when challenges arise, knowing all the plans and backup plans. And I enjoy communicating that as much as I can with my core team so they can be empowered to do the job without me.

Of course, there are challenges that arise, but I feel like I actually enjoy these problems as well. They are not menial problems that can usually be addressed by simple things like planning and communication. They are heart problems. They are challenges that stem from deep issues within a person, a society, and a nation. These are challenges that will take a long time to slowly change, but challenges that are worth the effort in trying, and have the potential of significant transformation.

So how do you ease into your sweet spot? Well, I don’t really believe in easy steps or secrets. But if I had to sum it up, I would say this: Do something you love, and, to quote Blake Mycosky’s (founder of TOMS) new book, “Start Something That Matters.”

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