Dance Therapy

Beyonce - Move Your Body
These last few days in the Dominican Republic, I encountered another beautiful creation that helped in the healing process of my soul… dance.

I’m not a dancer. I’m horrible at it. I’m shy about it. I’m usually the one sitting at the table when everyone else is on the dance floor. And I feel awkward when I attempt to do it.

This week we had a dance team come in to teach the youth in the DR a few dance routines. One of the ones I learned was Beyonce’s “Move Your Body.” It was one of the most fun times I’ve had all summer.

There’s something about dance that is so healing and liberating. It feels awkward at first, but then becomes so expressively fun. Our bodies move in ways that we don’t do on a normal basis, but it’s as if we were created for those movements.

So let go. Turn on your favorite song. Close your eyes. Move your body.

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