Checking Off the List


About 2 years ago, I started my own bucket list. Some were simple, some are grand and impossible. A few weeks into the new year, I think it’s a good time to re-evaluate where I’m at.

Short-Term Dreams:
– Run the LA Marathon
– Learn how to Salsa dance
– Learn how to Tango
– Learn Krav Maga (style of martial arts developed and used by the Israeli army)
– Record and produce my own 10-song album (and sell at least one cd to a complete stranger)
– Play a show at a coffee shop
– Learn HTML/CSS and design a free website for a nonprofit
– Get ripped enough to be a Spartan from “300″ for Halloween
– Kill an animal with a bow and arrow, preferably something large like a bear, but I’ll settle for a rabbit
– Attend a fancy ball where I wear a tux and ballroom dance
– Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square and kiss someone special at midnight

Long-Term Dreams:
– Backpack through South America
– Play a significant role in an action movie
– Guest star in one episode of a comedy TV show
– Go hang-gliding
– Devote all my love and life into that special someone and have lots of babies, and then adopt a lot more
– Be an FBI Special Agent
– Write a book
– Teach a college course
– Deliver humanitarian aid in crisis situation overseas (not that I wish for disasters to happen, but they will)
– Start a fair trade business that has artisans from developing countries design culturally unique corporate gifts (wallets, purses, briefcases, portfolios, etc..) and sell them to businesses, while donating a percentage of the profit to community development projects

Dreams I Never Had, But Did Them, So I’m Putting Them On the List Just To Cross Them Off
– Learn to surf
– Learn to drive stick shift
– Drive in Africa
– Eat a baboon
– Slaughter a chicken

New Dreams
– Learn how to do international accents such as British, South African, French, etc…
– Start a consultation business for small businesses & nonprofits
– Get through P90X

Well, it looks like I haven’t really crossed off as much as I had hoped, and ended up making this list longer. Looks like it’s gonna be a busy year. If you’ve got the hookups to help me accomplish my dreams, I’ll help you accomplish yours.

This list was originally inspired by one of my favorite TV shows, The Buried Life. Check it out. View my post/list from 2 years ago – sparkin’ it up


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