Social Justice

We’re Killing Ourselves with Arrogance & Selfishness

Another day, another shooting. The reality that it’s become so normal is more repulsive than the act itself. This most recent one in San Bernardino hits close to home – about 45 minutes away from home. So we go on with our routine. We’re in shock. Then we’re in sadness. Then we’re in anger. Half the people will fight for gun control. The other half will fight to arm people. People will blame mental health, race, and religion. I’d like to believe we’ll get this problem solved soon, but I don’t think we will. Because we’re incredibly arrogant and selfish people.

Nobody “Tells It Like It Is”

You’ll often hear people say about a public figure, “I like him because he tells it like it is.” This often refers to politicians, preachers, TV show host, or any other public speaker. They usually mean that the speaker says something that is hard truth, something that no one else is willing to say. But that’s rarely the case. In reality, they just tell it like you want to hear it.

We All Have a War Inside: A Thought On Recent Mass Shootings

At first, news of a mass shooting was horrific and unheard of. Remember Columbine over a decade ago? But now, it seems like there’s an incident of gun violence every week. A shooter goes on a rampage and kills people, then ends his own life. Commentaries start flying around trying to explain why – gun control, video games, parenting, depression, etc.

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