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We All Have a War Inside: A Thought On Recent Mass Shootings

At first, news of a mass shooting was horrific and unheard of. Remember Columbine over a decade ago? But now, it seems like there’s an incident of gun violence every week. A shooter goes on a rampage and kills people, then ends his own life. Commentaries start flying around trying to explain why – gun control, video games, parenting, depression, etc.

How to Be Popular – Value Other People

Though none of us would admit that we desire popularity, it resides in all of us. It may look nothing like being the high school jock or cheerleader, but we do want to be liked. None of us would ever complain that too many people like us. And if can’t get that, we settle for people disliking us, because it’s still attention. Really, we just want to be known, preferably liked and loved, but we’ll settle for disdain as long as we’re noticed.

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