Better Questions & Conversations on Guns & Mass Shootings

Better Questions & Conversations on Guns & Mass Shootings

Normal life. Mass shooting. Thoughts and prayers. America’s gun problem. Second amendment rights. Facebook and Twitter fights. Divided nation. Inactive government. Normal life.

It’s routine, cyclical, and sickening.

The first major mass shooting (in my lifetime that I can remember) was Columbine. It was horrific to think it happened at a school. That so many kids died. That the shooters themselves were just kids. That they had access to so many guns.

But now we have a couple of these every year. It’s almost seasonal.

In the 2 decades or so of common tragedies, we haven’t found a solution, we haven’t worked together, and we haven’t even had decent dialogue.

Is It Disrepectful to Kneel During the National Anthem?

Is It Disrespectful to Kneel During the National Anthem?

In another one of the seemingly never-ending issues that divide our country, we’re fighting over whether people should stand or kneel during a song before we watch them throw balls around.

If it sounds like I’m making this sound like a petty thing, that’s because it is. In light of multiple natural disasters, horrific genocide, and the looming threat of nuclear war, this is one of the dumbest things to be angry about.

But for some reason we are, so let’s dive into this.

We're All Responsible for Racism

We’re All Responsible for Racism

Racism is this ugly part of humanity that we like to pretend doesn’t exist, and try to dissociate ourselves from. But recent events in our nation reveal that it’s more prevalent than we thought, and we hold more responsibility than we like to admit.

On Saturday, August 12, white supremacist groups including the KKK and neo-Nazis gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia for a “Unite the Right” rally. They clashed with counter-protestors who had also gathered, and ended in a white nationalist driving a car into a crowd of people, killing one and injuring 19.

Make a Difference in Politics with the Countable App

As the political landscape gets more heated and divided, aren’t you tired of all the pointless Facebook arguments and the gridlock that happens in Washington DC?

We’ve all seen how ugly the internet can get. Our emotions get the best of us, and we berate and degrade each other, attack and accuse each, and type profanities and ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME.

We’re tired, frustrated, angry, discouraged, and disgusted. All the while, we’re not better people and no one has changed their mind. Rather than bring us all to become a better society, the internet has revealed the how ugly we can be.

What if we could turn all that negative late-night typing energy into a positive outlet for real impact?

A Letter to President Donald Trump

A Letter to President Donald Trump

Congratulations, you are now President of the United States. You are our president and you are my president.

However, I did not support you. I disagree with almost everything you say. And there are a lot of other Americans who feel the same way. Regardless, you are president for all of us now and the direction to look is forward.

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