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We’re Proud to Be American, But For All the Wrong Reasons

We’re proud of our past instead of our progress. We stake our identity in the past and cling to it, rather than forging it in the future and shaping who we can become. We make the Constitution into an impermeable truth that holds us back, rather than engage with it as a living document intended to be changed as we move forward.

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Problems vs Opportunities

These past few days, our family has taken evening strolls around our new neighborhood. As we approach people on the sidewalk, most are wearing masks (even the runners) and will step into the street to distance themselves as we pass. We give each other a quick nod, and though our mouths are covered, we can see the smile in each other’s eyes. Then we go on our way.

Am I Responsible for Racism?

In recent years, America’s timeline has woven back and forth between shootings and protests. Closeup, it just looks like a series of unfortunate events… until you take a step back and you see they’re all connected in a fabric of willful ignorance and denial, cloaking the enduring danger and evil of systemic racism and white supremacy. Are we responsible for racism, and what’s our role in all of it?

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