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the days go on

I’ve been in New Zealand for 2 months now, but it doesn’t really even seem like that long. 2 months in Africa was the longest I’ve ever been away from home, but it feels like I’ve only been here a few weeks. Not that I’ve been doing a million crazy fun things, but I guess life just goes on and this becomes the norm.

adjusting to ‘Kiwi’ life

So I’m more or less adjusted to life in New Zealand. The accent’s familiar now, but I can’t even try to do it, I just butcher it. I’m loving the small-town feel, the tropical green everywhere (it’s like a jungle with houses popping out), and the clean air. The rumor is correct – water drains the other way (clockwise) in the southern hemisphere. I tested it by swirling the sink water counter-clockwise, but then it reversed by itself. Thanks to everyone who wrote comments and emailed me after my last post – they were really encouraging.

First Day of School

Over this past week before school started, I took my spare time walking around Wellington to get a feel for the city, as you can see in the videos posted. It’s also given me the freedom to reflect a lot. So beware, this will be a long one.

in New Zealand

So it’s the next morning after I got here, and I’ve had a little more time to reflect on the events of the previous day. It was somewhat like my emotions were thrown in blender and the top came off.

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