Steven Ma

summer days

Well, for the 2.5 of you that occasionally read this blog, I apologize for not updating it for so long. It’s not that I’ve been busy, I’ve just been…well….lazy. So in the past month or so, a few notable things have happened. Summer is officially here and it has certainly been a relief. Wellington is pretty much a crap hole for 9 months out of the year, but during the summer, it’s actually quite nice. So I’m spending a lot more time at the beach (what I thought I would be doing when I first got to New Zealand).

the mid-year grind

Well, I guess this is what you would call the mid-year grind. I’m about half-way through my master’s program. But I’m starting to get so lazy. I mean, I still enjoy the subject, but I’m like already in 5th gear of procrastination, and the end still seems so far away. It’s really ironic that I’m in grad school, cause I’m such a horrible student.

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