a brief hiatus

Well, I just submitted another essay today. That’s 2 down, one to go. And I’ve been working pretty much non-stop the past week with very little sleep, so I deserve a brief rest before starting again.

My past few weeks have been pretty much uneventful. Mostly just crunch time at school. My students just handed in their final research essays for me to grade, which makes me nauseous every time I look at the stack. Also, during karate a few weeks back, I got injured. Again. First I somehow managed to kick someone’s fist, or got punched in the foot, however that works. Anyways, my toe probably got sprained because it was hurting for a week and I walked with a limp. I also got kneed in the nose. No break, just a lot of blood. I guess I’m not really good at this karate thing. Or I just need to wear a hockey mask.

But the U.S. seems to be having a lot of fun. I’m still trying to get my head around the whole thing, since economics isn’t really my strong point. So if any of you feel the inclination to send a a briefing using 3rd grader words, it would be much appreciated. I’m quite disappointed by WaMu’s failure though. I switched from Bank of America to them because they had great commercials. A few days before the buy out, WaMu sent email notifications to all their customers telling them that though the market is in bad shape, WaMu is still strong and that there’s nothing to worry about. Basically it was code for, “We’re screwed. You’re screwed. Don’t make it worse by pulling money out.” Well, they did end up having something like $1.6 billion withdrawn that week! But I was one of the loyal customers who kept my money in the bank.

I watched the Sarah Palin interview, as I’m sure a lot of you have (or at least clips of it). There’s a lot of people who hate her or think she’s stupid. I just felt sorry for her. Watching her answers, I just cringed in pain out of embarrassment for her. So maybe she wasn’t prepped enough, or she got nervous, or whatever. That’s an excuse for an average citizen, maybe even an elected official. But not for a potential president. To think that is her knowledge of foreign policy and she has the possibility of being our commander in chief (McCain is pretty old) is just scary. I think I would flee the country if that happened. Or Congress may have to suspend the Constitution and step in to tell her she actually can’t assume the presidency. Seriously, foreign policy experience comes from Alaska being next to Russia? According to that logic, me being in the Dubai airport qualifies me to be an ambassador to the Middle East. And bagging on people who travel the world during college is an illogical defense for not getting your passport till last year.

Anyways, enough rambling again. Back to work. I’ve got a 7,000 word paper due in 5 days that I’m at the outline stage of.

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