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Family Life

As a husband and father of 2 young kids, a lot of my struggles and growth come from marriage and parenting. I try to share the hopes, successes, and failures that come with family life.

Personal Growth

We all want to grow as individuals and I think there's a lot we can learn from each other. I share about what's worked for me in staying on course and making progress towards becoming a better person.


My worldview is largely shaped by my faith as a believer and follower of Jesus and his teachings. While there are some pillars that help frame my perspective on life, there are also many aspects that I continue to wrestle with.

Social Justice

We can build a kinder and more just world for everyone, especially the marginalized and oppressed. But it takes intentional work to learn, to speak, and to act.


You're probably left or right of me on the political spectrum, but connect with me on how we approach politics. I consider myself a slightly liberal centrist, but aim to acknowledge all sides and bring a balanced perspective.


My professional skills are in the area of digital marketing and brand identify, especially for small businesses and nonprofits. I enjoy sharing broad strategic concepts along with practical action steps.

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If you need an outside perspective and strategic guidance, I'd love to chat with you on developing your project or growing your organization.


Whether it's a snippet for your roundup or a full-length article, I can contribute engaging and informative content for your blog or publication.

Guest Speaker

Invite me to present on a specific topic for your conference, or let's have a conversation on your show.

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